Security Token Offerings

Raise funds legally for your startup or enterprise from global accredited investors.

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Security Token Offering Services

We take pride in being forerunners in the area of security token platform development. Tokens developed on these platforms allow quick transactions at extremely low prices. With several years of experience in token issuance, we endeavor to help businesses and their clients as well issue security tokens that are audited. Antier provides its clients with an access to its network of investors who would fund their project via Security Token Offerings (STO).

Security tokens developed by Antier offer advanced features which relate to the governance of assets and asset ownership rights. These features are written on a smart contract which further automates the whole process of governance by reducing the possibilities of futile disputes. Different range of assets which could be represented by security tokens consists of:

  • Funds
  • Bonds
  • Company shares
  • Right to Property
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STO Highlights

  • A noteworthy reduction in legal risks can be observed
  • The issue of security tokens under regulatory frameworks is cheaper and faster when compared to what all is involved in carrying out an initial public offering structured as utility tokens.
  • Security Token Offering (STO) would inherit a lot of legal precedents which would brighten token buyer protection, rights and expectations.
  • Companies acknowledging their token as a security can promote it as an investment.
  • Create an environment with a greater level of transparency with buyers regarding token economics and how they plan to increase the token value.
  • STO (Security Token Offering) can feature reasonable traits that express utility like being used in inbound transactions in a corporation’s product or service.
  • Immense potential for bypassing investment banks and venture specialists.
  • Security Token Offering can provide token buyers with benefits such as: profit shares, voting rights, dividends which it would usually avoid if it wanted to avoid the security label.