Mobile Application | UI/UX Design


About Project

Client, who is a founder of a mobile app that connects travelers with professional guides who take them on exciting and well-planned excursions to Disneyland, wanted us to design web pages for his application. He wanted the designs to be appealing and clean, and he left it to us to choose the right colour theme and layout.

Date: April 2016

Tools: Adobe Creative Suite


Project Outcome

Utilising our UI/UX design prowess and creativity, we delivered vivacious and elegant designs for the app. Keeping in mind that the users of the app will be guides, children and their parents, we maintained simplicity in our designs. We gave a different dashboard to all three types of users, empowering them to manage their accounts and activities with ease. A combination of scintillating pink and white colours was used to make the designs vibrant and lively. The client liked what we delivered and appreciated us for our great work.

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