Mobile Application


About Project

With a motto to promote public protection, client approached us with a requirement for a crime prevention app that allows anyone to help the police by sharing images or videos of crime scene or call the emergency number. He wanted the app to be developed for web, Android and iOS platforms.


Add date, time and location stamp on videos or images tagged by the users. To ensure that the data and images are quickly sent to the database.

Date: October 2016

Technology for web: for API and admin, MySQL

Android App: Java+android

iOS App: Objective c language, and Xcode


Project Outcome

We delivered an app for web, Android and iOS platforms, with a custom camera feature for users to capture and share geo-tagged and time-stamped images or videos of anything suspicious with the Police anytime, from anywhere. On the other hand, police personnel with access to the Admin panel can view and analyze data without knowing the sender's identity and get useful evidence that can help in investigation.