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About Project

The client is into the business of providing training on “Negotiations”. Qualified from Harvard Business School, and holding 30 years of experience, this Vienna based client wanted to develop an automated system which not only imparts training to his students but can also provide a framework to his corporate clients for collaborative decision making.

Date: June 2015

Technology: ASP.Net, MVC 5, WCF, Layered Service Architecture, and Bootstrap

Tools: Photoshop



The development process brought with it a lot of challenges like a huge set of requirements was spread around different areas. There was a need to represent relationship analysis through a map, which could automatically update with the increase in number of participants based on the type of influence they were having on each other. Apart from that, background analysis of participants and brainstorming process came with its own hidden challenges. Producing an intuitive UI was another challenge we had to address. Freezing requirements was also a challenge.


Project Outcome

We chose asp.net MVC based framework and produced a SaaS based cloud hosted application to develop the app and the client was more than happy to receive it as an end product.
A team of 3 developers - a Project Manager, a UI Designer and a Communication Manager assisted our client in his venture.