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About Project

Client is a young entrepreneur with a couple of successful web businesses running online. He approached us to develop a platform to allow professionals to connect with seekers and sell them their know-how through instant messages, audio or video conferencing and earn money for every minute of service delivered. In addition, he needed a logo for his application.

Date: December 2016

Technology: RestAPI web services, OpenTok, Google push notifications, PHP, My Sql, Stripe payment

Tools: Adobe Creative Suite



The most critical challenge was to use a third party API for audio/video calling as we found that most third party APIs had their own limitations. Second challenge was to calculate and transfer amount to three different accounts, including 121with, the provider and the referral, immediately after a call between a provider and seeker is over and lastly, we had to provide a solution to facilitate search for a provider based on parameters like priority and location.


Project Outcome

We developed a web application using third party API. Stripe payment gateway was implemented for secure funds transfer. A solution was delivered to providers to set their availability calender to make the best use of time and also to seekers for real-time tracking of balance so that they can get a better idea of time for which they can get on an audio or a video call with their respective professionals. Apart from the web app, we delivered a logo where we creatively combined the brand name and a chat bubble. Client was happy how we used our imagination and appreciated us for our work.