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About Project

The development process brought with it a lot of challenges, like a huge set of requirements which was spread around different areas. The relationship analysis had to be represented through a map, which had to automatically update with the increase in number of participants based on the type of influence they were having on each other. In addition, background analysis of participants and brainstorming process came with its own hidden challenges. Producing an intuitive UI and freezing client's requirements were other challenges which we had to address.

Date: October 2015

Technology: Web Application, PHP, My Sql


Project Outcome

We delivered a website that had a bold presence, eye-catching high-resolution visuals and very formal, regal yet warm colours to create an atmosphere of comfort and trust. We gave an option for the interested visitor to choose the specific area they want to buy property in before having to go through an exhausting list of available properties and pick out the right property manually. WE gave two property search options—a basic search using the simple logistics of budget, area and number of family members, and a map search that shows the areas where properties are available and you can approach the website for more information on these real estate gems.