Customised Engagement Models for Specific Needs

Outsource your project to a devoted team with customised
engagement models to best fit your needs.

Given the wide geographical and industrial spectrum of clients Antier caters to,
we have adopted the following client engagement models that help us offer
highly equirement-specific services.


Price Model

This model is best suited for projects that have pre-defined scope, management methodologies and a set list of requirements before the project starts. It helps in:

  • Working within a specified budget
  • Keeping check on the costs
  • Chalking out a fixed timeline for project completion
  • Ensuring on-time delivery
  • Avoiding too many deviations in scope

Time &
Material Model

This model works best for projects that are designed to evolve as they proceed, or the ones that kick off without a strict scope-specifications-implementation document to give it enough creative and technical flexibility. It helps in:

  • Adjusting the team size as per requirements of the project
  • Adapting to upcoming challenges smoothly
  • Keeping an open-mind for suggestions on-the-go
  • Attaining higher control on product’s development process


Our outsourced work is usually taken care of by our offshore team members and associates. We invest time in understanding your requirements deeply and correctly before our team begins to toil in tandem with, or as, your development team. It helps not just in lowering the development and support costs, but also gives the client the opportunity to retain full operational control of the whole process while engaging a larger pool of knowledge.

We operate through both Hybrid and Offshore Development Centres .

Development Centres

Antier deploys its lead consultant who will work in close association with your team for the whole duration of the project and coordinate the same with our offshore team here in India. It helps in:

  • Obtaining faster results by expanding your team’s knowledge span
  • Reducing time and effort invested in communicating electronically
  • Saving time in preparing and exchanging lengthy documents
  • Urgent tasks running on close deadlines can be managed by our on-site consultant

Development Centres

Under this system, our team will work for you as your offshore team with our account manager coordinating at all times with your designated project head. We have handled and delivered world-class products for over a decade now, receiving a large portion of our business from overseas clients. It helps in:

  • Procuring high cost-benefits
  • Ensuring maximum ROI
  • Obtaining quicker results due to round-the-clock input
  • Sharing of innovative ideas potent enough to create global products