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Why it makes sense to create your own cryptocurrency exchange in the 21st century?

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges are indeed a popular way to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They enable users to buy and sell crypto coins from each other without the involvement of a third-party. As a leading cryptocurrency exchange development company, we specialize in offering high-security decentralized cryptocurrency exchange development services.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services
  • Security

    Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange provides the users with a better security since there is no third-party service used to store their cryptocurrencies.

  • Privacy

    Most of the centralized cryptocurrency exchanges require a user to sign up and give personal details such as: identity proof, etc. However, when it comes to decentralized exchanges, they don’t need any personal information.

  • Coin Responsibility

    Unlike the centralized exchange, decentralized exchanges leave ownership of cryptocurrency in the hands of their users and act as a place for peer-to-peer trading.

  • Decentralization of Servers

    Most decentralized cryptocurrency exchange development platforms do not have a centralized server. This ensures that the user data remains safe and that the exchanges are more difficult to hack.

  • Faster Transaction Times

    Transactions made on a blockchain take 5 minutes. The fact that transactions can be made faster through decentralized blockchain based cryptocurrencies is potentially beneficial for businesses worldwide.

  • Not Restricted by Law

    As decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges are not restricted to one physical location, they are much harder to regulate or even shut down.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

End-to-End Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet DevelopmentCryptocurrency Wallet Development

    We are a pioneer in offering cryptocurrency wallet development services including – iOS wallet development, Android wallet development, Public/Private key management, cryptography implementation and integration with multiple cryptocurrencies.

  • ICO Development ServicesICO Development And Marketing Services

    ICO has proven to be a transforming way for various businesses, companies and projects to raise money. We present our clients with highly secure ICO development services for coin offering and token with a combination of PPC, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing and PR to know the latest information about their token.

  • Building A Cryptocurrency Exchange Like BinanceBuilding A Cryptocurrency Exchange Like Binance

    With the arrival of Binance coin exchange, many startups and enterprises begin to build a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance so that the platform can manage a large number of cryptocurrencies.

  • Decentralized Application DevelopmentDecentralized Application Development

    Decentralized applications are developed on a blockchain that makes it safe and secure. The software program is designed on the Internet where consensus is the control instead of a single entity.

  • Bitcoin Exchange Platform DevelopmentBitcoin Exchange Platform Development

    We have several years of experience in building scalable and accountable Bitcoin exchange platform based on Blockchain ledger. We have developed trading platforms where clients will be able to process peer to peer trading of cryptocurrencies.

  • Ethereum Application DevelopmentEthereum Application Development

    Ethereum is designed for the development of decentralized applications. We are dedicatedly working to bring the revolutionary Ethereum blockchain development to incorporate the latest technologies to bring you fully customizable Ethereum development solutions.

  • Open Source Cryptocurrency Exchange DevelopmentOpen Source Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

    We are a reputed open source cryptocurrency exchange development company that has Peatio exchange developers who work on Ruby on Rails and AngularJS/NodeJS frameworks to deliver secure and scalable solutions to the clients.

  • Mobile Crypto ExchangeMobile Crypto Exchange

    We make cryptocurrency investing easier and more secure for investors and traders by building a mobile-friendly cryptocurrency exchange. From the app, users can easily create an account, deposit, trade and withdraw 24/7 in one simple yet secure environment.

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Control Your Crypto Assets Safely With Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

If you’d like to own a cryptocurrency or trade them, it is essential to own a cryptocurrency. Our highly experienced developers at Antier have excelled in the field of cryptocurrency wallet development offering customized services for developing multi cryptocurrency wallet.

If you own a cryptocurrency and would like to know how to make own cryptocurrency wallet, our developers can walk you through the entire process of Bitgo cryptocurrency wallet setup. We develop cryptocurrency wallets that have all the advanced features today’s cryptocurrency users expect. We place a high priority on security and develop wallets that are simple to use, allowing users to send and receive cryptocurrencies without an advanced technical knowledge of blockchain technology.

Types of Cryptocurrency Wallet

  • Mobile Wallet

    Mobile wallets provide access to your cryptocurrencies wherever you are with your mobile device and provide additional features that are completely internet-based, but they also come with additional set of security risks.

  • Hardware Wallet

    These wallets store your private keys on a USB drive while you are still able to make online transactions. However, they are offline most of the time; you can consider them a cold wallet.

  • Paper Wallet

    In order to use this, you’ll need to print out your private and public keys. You can send funds by transferring the money to wallet’s public address and you can withdraw or send your cryptocurrencies by entering your private keys.

  • Web Wallet

    Typically, web wallets are those which can be easily accessed via any web browser. They help to carry out faster and complete transactions and a great option for storing a small number of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development For Different Business Sizes

crypto exchange development solutions are best suited for varied business sizes. While we use Ruby on Rails framework
for startups, our developers leverage Angular JS/Node JS technology for micro-small
and medium enterprises. Whereas, we use C++ language for enterprises.

Cryptocurrency exchange development

Methodology Of An Effective Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

We follow the agile methodology to build fully secure, feature-rich and flawless exchange platforms for our clients across the globe. We have come up with a complete process for creating a cryptocurrency exchange platform:

How to create a cryptocurrency exchange?

Firstly, you should get the trade license. You can also register the exchange as per the norms and rules of your particular region. Also, you need to comply with KYC forms and the charts are other useful resources that tell about the overall volatility index of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, you are required to prepare orders, transactions table and get a clear history of profitable transactions.

  • Develop the user account systemDevelop the user account system

    The user account system plays an important role in creating the cryptocurrency wallet as this is where the digital amount will be stored. When you build a cryptocurrency exchange platform, you are required to control all the transactions.

  • Cryptocurrency SupportCryptocurrency Support

    When our crypto developers create cryptocurrency exchange architecture, we determine the number of cryptocurrencies which are going to be supported by your exchange. We provide extended support to all our clients ensuring their exchange grows and investments multiply.

  • Payment Processing Payment Processing

    This is another essential element so you need to consider it carefully. You can also get the support of payment processors such as: payment gateway API and bank. Thus, customers can easily withdraw or send cash easily.

  • Aggregator RoleAggregator Role

    If you are an aggregator you need to aggregate particular details from several online resources. The information helps users in developing the coin and place them with their assets.

  • Trading Kernel is the central keyTrading Kernel is the central key

    When you build the cryptocurrency exchange, you need the support of trading kernel as it helps to create the order book that carry out the transactions and check the balance amount too.

  • Convenient UIConvenient UI

    For the effective cryptocurrency exchange development, it is always good to use the user-friendly UI design that helps you to get more customers. Our developers are highly specialized in developing the customized application as per your particular requirements.

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet DevelopmentCryptocurrency Wallet Development

    Developing a digital currency wallet is an utmost priority as all the digital coins are stored in it. We always choose a better security system so that it boosts the reliability level of your customers.

  • Admin ControlAdmin Control

    The admin dashboard manages complete cryptocurrency exchange activities and operations. You can even customize the features of admin control according to your own business requirements.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Feature ImplementationCryptocurrency Exchange Feature Implementation

    All the features which are required for the successful completion of cryptocurrency exchange need to be executed properly. Our team of crypto ensures that everything from quick user registration to an excellent customer support gets executed in an excellent way leaving no room for discrepancies.

  • Software for Crypto ExchangeSoftware for Crypto Exchange

    For the crypto application development, there are three software options available. Firstly, if you want to develop your own software our expert panel of developers can assist you in dealing with this task. Secondly, you can opt for an open-source script where we take out the list of available supporting to build your exchange.

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Features of a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

how to setup a bitcoin exchange

Fund Management

The integrated cryptocurrency wallet platform will manage all the cryptocurrency transactions in a programmed way. The users of the cryptocurrency exchange platform can control fiat currency automatically or manually with our unique processing features.

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Highly Customizable

Hacking and stealing are the major threats which fear the traders. Thus, a highly secure exchange is the need of an hour and that’s our experts are good at.

Cryptocurrency development company

API Integration

Any coin can be integrated into the cryptocurrency exchange with integration mail service and SMS service providers.

Cryptocurrency exchange development

Multicurrency Wallet

We offer multicurrency wallet system supporting fiat and cryptocurrency with multiple payment and withdrawal methods.

start your own bitcoin exchange

Integrated Referral Program

Users will get direct commissions and referral commission after the trade of the referral has been completed. Users can invite friends to sign up on your exchange and earn an exciting referral bonus.

build your own bitcoin exchange website

Admin Backend Panel

Admin panel allows in viewing all current functions – KYC, referrals, tickets issued and all the cryptocurrency transactions.

Why Antier For Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development Solutions?

Being a reputed blockchain development company, we tailor made our exchange development solutions for both private and public blockchains to build exchange platforms that are quick, secure, and scalable and leverage bleeding edge technologies in the cryptocurrency industry.


We ensure a fantastic experience for the users with intuitive dashboards and graphical reports like trade chart and market depth chart etc. Our UI/UX professionals develop highly customized themes with seamless, user-friendly sign-up and trading process.

High Scalability

We build a highly customizable platform for a particular set of features by building a modular architecture and API layer for integration with third-party services. We keep on adding new features to an exchange platform as per business needs.

Highly Configurable

Antier has a talented team of developers who possess know-how of building an easy to change platform settings with admin console.

Security in mind

We have a dedicated in-house team of security professionals who effectively implement two-factor authentication and alerts for your ICO product to flourish in the blockchain world.

Let us implement the liquidity feature for your crypto exchange development

We first evaluate your business requirement and afterwards send you a PDF version of the complete project analysis.

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