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We strongly believe in the potential of blockchain and its capability to offer ground-breaking solutions. The marvelous success of Bitcoin has paved the way for release of new cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, Dash and lots more. As of now, there are more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies on the market, allowing businesses to cash in the opportunity to build their own cryptocurrency exchange platform and wallet. And, the same is provided to potential cryptocurrency investors for trading.

If you are deemed to leverage on the latest crypto trend and seeking professional advice on how to start a Bitcoin exchange website or wallet development, we could be of great assistance for you. With a vibrant team of highly-skilled crypto developers we not just direct you on how to start a Bitcoin exchange business but also serve as your reliable technical partner to help you create your own Bitcoin wallet. Irrespective of your requirements, our emphasis lies on providing you with the most secure, scalable and user-friendly cryptocurrency applications that help you stay ahead of the cryptocurrency game.

Our Cryptocurrency Development Services Include:

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

    Our developers have hands on experience building a fully-customized, highly-secure cryptocurrency exchange which can be adapted to suit your requirements.

  • Decentralized application development

    We specialize in creating and deploying decentralized blockchain applications and infrastructure support to accelerate your business and to help you lead the competition.

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

    Our cryptocurrency wallet development services are focused on building user-friendly web and mobile wallets that allow secure transactions via public and private keys to send, receive and store multiple digital currencies.

  • ICO development services

    As a professional ICO development company, we deliver comprehensive ICO services, from token design conceptualization and smart contract building to whitepaper creation and ICO marketing.

Features Of A Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Built By Us

how to setup a bitcoin exchange

Liquidity management

The integration of liquidity providers makes your order book busy from the very beginning. The in-built Exchange Remarketer controls liquidity to execute every buy-sell order in the exchange.

make your own cryptocurrency

Powerful mobile app

Apart from a web app, you can get a user-friendly, powerful and a flawless mobile app to empower your users to buy, sell or trade crypto coins anytime, anywhere, even while on the go.

Cryptocurrency development company

Secure admin panel

Every exchange built by us has a highly-secure and advanced admin panel for you to have complete control over your exchange.

Cryptocurrency exchange development

Hot wallet

Our crypto exchange platform comes with a hot wallet that allows secure transactions via public and private keys to send, receive and store digital currency

start your own bitcoin exchange

Order Book

The Order Book module allows your users to keep tabs on open orders, transactions and complete history with a single click.

build your own bitcoin exchange website

Seamless trading

The bitcoin exchange script provides your users with a secure channel to seamlessly buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies.

Our Cryptocurrency Development Process

We have carefully built our crypto exchange and wallet development process for systematic and careful execution of a project.


Before we start to create your own cryptocurrency exchange or a wallet, we take time to understand your business needs and analyze current market requirements.


Once we are done with all the research work, we begin crafting a simple yet appealing front-end design to deliver an app with a user-friendly interface.


The completion of design process leads to the development phase, where our skilled programmers employ the right solutions and security measures to build the most secure crypto app for your needs.


After the app is developed, we follow a rigorous testing procedure to evaluate it and ensure that it satisfies the specified requirements.

Why Choose Us To Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange And Wallet?

If you are seeking expert advice on how to start a bitcoin exchange business or if you want to build one for yourself, we can help. We have delivered various successful projects to our clients across the globe. Here are some of our highlights:

An expert team

Antier is backed by a team of technical experts who have years of experience in cryptocurrency development. With all the skills and innovation, we have helped various businesses in setting up a cryptocurrency wallet, exchange platform, ATM and cryptocurrency itself.

Unrivaled technical expertise

The perfect combination of technical know-how, complete knowledge about the cryptocurrency world and effective project management together help us deliver the most valuable services to our clients.

Quick turnaround time

We take pride in our ability to adapt to changes quickly while delivering our clients highly-secured cryptocurrency development services. This has helped us gain the repute of being a leading cryptocurrency development company.

Knack for building a secure application

Our team is aware about security threats and have the expertise to develop highly secure cryptocurrency applications and wallets to prevent your business from unauthorized users.

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

We have the expertise to deliver solutions that support the following platforms, leading
to highly-secure and business-focused crypto wallet and cryptocurrency exchange development services.

Want To Start Your Own Bitcoin Exchange Or Build A Decentralized Application?

We specialise in developing custom cryptocurrency exchange platforms and applications that are secure, scalable and user-friendly.

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