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We offer a bouquet of multiple cryptocurrency exchange development services with our in-house team of 100+ cryptocurrency exchange developers.

Bespoke Blockchain Solutions for Startups, SMEs and Enterprises

  • ICO Development
  • Bitcoin exchange development
  • Open source crypto exchange development
  • Mobile crypto exchange
  • Ethereum app development
  • Cryptocurrency wallet development
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Leverage the benefits of Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Solutions

We deliver optimal solutions for cryptocurrency exchange development on a global scale. Our crypto exchange development provides a holistic solution to launch a successful cryptocurrency exchange to buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services
  • Scalable Architecture

    Our best white-label cryptocurrency exchange software comprises a secure and scalable architecture that can scale up to come across increased transaction loads.

  • Ease of operations management

    Our cryptocurrency exchange development services from Antier Solutions comprise an ability to manage multiple operational aspects with great easiness in planning, developing etc.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology

    Developers at Antier keep eyes on the continuous updates happening in the blockchain technology to deliver cutting-edge exchange solutions in each corner of the world.

  • Fully Customized Solution

    Our cryptocurrency exchange platform is highly customizable, versatile, extensible as well as designed and developed to help you save your time.

  • Security at its Best

    Our crypto exchange script offer multiple layers of security that reduces the hacking attempts and ensure that your funds will always be fully secure.

  • In-house team of developers

    We develop Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchange which is developed in-house and that helps you keep track of modifications and allow in establishing fixes in a timely manner.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

What Makes Us The Best Crypto Exchange Development Company?

A Little about Antier

With over a 2 decade of experience in IT and blockchain technology with 100+ team members on board, we empower our clients with agile solutions by delivering an unprecedented levels of performance. Our business is spread over 10,000 sq. feet that sparks a flurry of eco-friendly building and that distinct ourselves from others. Keeping this in mind our always-on learning agenda drives continuous improvement through transferring quality, secure solutions and expertise from our innovation ecosystem.

Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet DevelopmentCryptocurrency Wallet Development

    We specialize in the reliable and secure cryptocurrency wallet development services for the safe and efficient management of digital assets. Our exchanges come with biometric mobile wallet to safeguard your crypto assets and all the transactions will be signed by your biometric authentication. 

  • Open Source Cryptocurrency Exchange DevelopmentOpen Source Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

    If you are interested to run a Peatio based cryptocurrency exchange, everage our open source cryptocurrency exchange development solution that suits your business requirements. Peatio script can be easily downloaded and deployed on the server.

  • Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Dapp DevelopmentBlockchain, Smart Contracts and Dapp Development

    Being a leading blockchain development company in India, we use Ethereum blockchain platform to deliver secure, private and competitive solutions in smart contract implementations. We have the expertise to create decentralized apps that helps you stay ahead in the cryptocurrency world.

  • Bitcoin Exchange Platform DevelopmentBitcoin Exchange Platform Development

    We have hands-on experience in building scalable and accountable Bitcoin exchange platform on the basis of Blockchain ledger. The price increase and Bitcoin popularity is leading towards the growing number of Bitcoin exchange software development.

  • Ethereum Application DevelopmentEthereum Application Development

    Utilizing our professional expertise, we build fully customizable and feature-rich Ethereum apps that allow you increase your business productivity using the blockchain technology. Hire our professional app developers to build powerful decentralized applications.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Mobile AppCryptocurrency Exchange Mobile App

    By building a mobile-friendly cryptocurrency exchange platform, we make cryptocurrency investing simple and secure for our investors. On cryptocurrency exchange mobile app user creates an account, trade, deposit and can withdraw digital assets 24/7 in one secure environment.

  • Security Token OfferingSecurity Token Offering

    Being a market leader in blockchain technology, we have extensive experience in developing cryptocurrency be it utility or security tokens that have helped several organizations accomplish their goals. We have built cutting-edge security token platform.

  • Building A Cryptocurrency Exchange Like BinanceBuilding a Cryptocurrency Exchange like Binance

    Binance is an online platform that facilitates people to buy cryptocurrencies using Bitcoin. Binance cryptocurrency exchange has helped change the game in a better way so that everyone can leverage the digital currency phenomenon. It definitely makes sense to build a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance backed by our highly skilled team of programmers.

  • ICO Development and MarketingICO Development and Marketing

    Our blockchain development company in India helps new startups, enterprises and companies with their fundraising needs through the best ICO website, white paper, smart contract deployment and other related ICO development solutions

  • White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange SoftwareWhite Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

    Our trusted and secure white-label cryptocurrency exchange software solution comes with a secure and scalable architecture. Tap our ready-made decentralized platform with no hassle setup. Our solution includes KYC/AML, FIAT to crypto processing, a fully regulated environment and much more.

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How Does A Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Work?

A cryptocurrency exchange platform is an autonomous digital market place where crypto buyers and sellers can easily trade crypto currencies. Connecting cryptocurrency buyers and sellers it helps traders to place their orders on a cryptocurrency exchange. Usually, a several range of digital coins and national fiat cryptocurrencies are listed on an exchange platform which help traders to trade freely.

Professional traders, market-makers, crypto enthusiasts and high-net worth clients use cryptocurrency exchange platforms to make huge investments. Such platforms make a small cut as processing fee from buying and selling happening on such cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

As a cryptocurrency exchange development company, we are climbing high with a vision to developing cryptocurrency projects that are easy to operate.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development – Why Is It Necessary?

Our team takes pride in offering cryptocurrency wallet development solutions to fast forward your business. With an experienced team of talented and skilled cryptocurrency developers, our forte lies in helping you to make your own cryptocurrency wallet. With our cryptocurrency wallet development techniques, we create a reliable wallet for you to store your private transaction keys and process your transactions securely.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services
  • Decentralized Wallet Development

    The main purpose of decentralized currency was to give the masses the power to control and manage their own money. Our wallet developers take immense pride in deploying custom decentralized cryptocurrency wallet development to help you stay ahead of the blockchain industry.

  • Mobile and Web Wallets

    With the help of our cryptocurrency wallet development services, we endeavor to develop flawless web and mobile wallets that allow safe and secure transactions through both public and private keys to send, receive and store cryptocurrency in a safe digital wallet.

  • Customized Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development

    Our experienced and programmers endeavor to provide customized cryptocurrency exchange development services to boost your transactions and that make the complete process highly secure, scalable, quick and user-friendly.

Types of Cryptocurrency Wallet

  • Mobile Wallet

    Basically, mobile wallets are the apps running on smartphones and often compact because of the phone memory limitations. These wallets are majorly used by retailers who accept digital currency.

  • Software Wallet

    Usually, they run on desktops and mobile platforms and provide quick transfers to your local currency with the multi-sig support. Software wallets are used to store your private key on the desktop.

  • Hardware Wallet

    Contrary to software wallets, hardware wallet makes use of the hardware device to keep private keys offline, promoting the transactions to be done using a USB key. The process of using hardware wallet is simple, so just connect the wallet to the computer, enter a pin and carry on with the transactions.

  • Web Wallet

    They are amongst the most convenient wallets as they run in the cold network and can be easily accessed from any location. They can be accessed from any location and that makes them very convenient, but as your private keys are controlled by a third party, they are vulnerable to hacking attempts.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development – Biometric Based Solution

We all know that digital currencies have been stored in digital wallets where security is a significant challenge. Our technology experts have come up with a model that uses biometric methods to secure digital currencies within wallets. This would further improve the usability and security of payment transactions carried out with digital currencies which are stored in wallets, by using the fingerprint of users. Finally, biometrics will provide the true security and peace of mind to encourage mass adoption.

Further, Biometric based cold wallet protects the digital assets and transaction process with two phase authentication system that employs fingerprint and password authentication. All personal data are stored locally. On the basis of personal preferences of a user, private and public keys can be stored at the cloud server in an encrypted way except the fingerprint data. When users need to use a new device, the system sends user’s money to the new device. So, digital wallet users can continue to use their digital money from the new device. Let’s have a look at the diagram which nicely elaborates the user transaction process:

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Why choose us For Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development?

We build such a cryptocurrency exchange platform that sets the stage for the industry standards of excellence in today’s evolving cryptocurrency market.

Technically Sound Squad

Our developers are certified engineers with a strong technical experience in offering the most highly efficient and reliable cryptocurrency exchange services.

Attention to Security

Secure and scalable cryptocurrency exchange development requires the use and knowledge of best security features. Our team of highly proficient developers ensure optimum security while using the best features and auditing the code numerous times.

Reliable and Flexible

We develop distributed cryptocurrency exchange platforms so even if the server is overloaded, it won’t hurt the network and the cryptocurrency exchange can resume to work without getting affected.

Customized Solutions

Each and every business is unique and so, we only deliver the customized, high-end and flexible cryptocurrency exchange development services to serve clients right.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development For Different Business Sizes

crypto exchange development solutions are best suited for varied business sizes. While we use Ruby on Rails framework
for startups, our developers leverage Angular JS/Node JS technology for micro-small
and medium enterprises. Whereas, we use C++ language for enterprises.

Cryptocurrency exchange development

Methodology Of An Effective Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

We follow the agile methodology to build fully secure, feature-rich and flawless exchange platforms for our clients across the globe. We have come up with a complete process for creating a cryptocurrency exchange platform:

How to create a cryptocurrency exchange?

Firstly, you should get the trade license. You can also register the exchange as per the norms and rules of your particular region. Also, you need to comply with KYC forms and the charts are other useful resources that tell about the overall volatility index of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, you are required to prepare orders, transactions table and get a clear history of profitable transactions.

  • Develop the user account systemDevelop the user account system

    The user account system plays an important role in creating the cryptocurrency wallet as this is where the digital amount will be stored. When you build a cryptocurrency exchange platform, you are required to control all the transactions.

  • Cryptocurrency SupportCryptocurrency Support

    When our crypto developers create cryptocurrency exchange architecture, we determine the number of cryptocurrencies which are going to be supported by your exchange. We provide extended support to all our clients ensuring their exchange grows and investments multiply.

  • Payment Processing Payment Processing

    This is another essential element so you need to consider it carefully. You can also get the support of payment processors such as: payment gateway API and bank. Thus, customers can easily withdraw or send cash easily.

  • Aggregator RoleAggregator Role

    If you are an aggregator you need to aggregate particular details from several online resources. The information helps users in developing the coin and place them with their assets.

  • Trading Kernel is the central keyTrading Kernel is the central key

    When you build the cryptocurrency exchange, you need the support of trading kernel as it helps to create the order book that carry out the transactions and check the balance amount too.

  • Convenient UIConvenient UI

    For the effective cryptocurrency exchange development, it is always good to use the user-friendly UI design that helps you to get more customers. Our developers are highly specialized in developing the customized application as per your particular requirements.

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet DevelopmentCryptocurrency Wallet Development

    Developing a digital currency wallet is an utmost priority as all the digital coins are stored in it. We always choose a better security system so that it boosts the reliability level of your customers.

  • Admin ControlAdmin Control

    The admin dashboard manages complete cryptocurrency exchange activities and operations. You can even customize the features of admin control according to your own business requirements.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Feature ImplementationCryptocurrency Exchange Feature Implementation

    All the features which are required for the successful completion of cryptocurrency exchange need to be executed properly. Our team of crypto ensures that everything from quick user registration to an excellent customer support gets executed in an excellent way leaving no room for discrepancies.

  • Software for Crypto ExchangeSoftware for Crypto Exchange

    For the crypto application development, there are three software options available. Firstly, if you want to develop your own software our expert panel of developers can assist you in dealing with this task. Secondly, you can opt for an open-source script where we take out the list of available supporting to build your exchange.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development – A Glimpse of Order Types

As an entrepreneur or a well-established company, it is imperative for you to understand the order types in order to launch a successful cryptocurrency exchange platform.

  • Market OrderMarket Order

    A market order will enable the user to trade digital currencies at the current market price. The user can easily set a market buy or sell to protect themselves from going down in today’s volatile market.

  • Limit OrderLimit Order

    A limit order will enable users to trade cryptocurrencies by placing an order on the expectation that it will be fulfilled by someone else’s market order. The user can set a ‘limit buy’ or ‘limit sell’.

  • Stop OrderStop Order

    Stop order is a conditional market order where the user sells the order after coming to a listed price. A user can set a Stop Buy or Stop Sell/Loss while ensuring precautionary actions.

  • Copy OrderCopy Order

    Copy order is an order where a user receive updates on the top crypto-traders and copy their trades. This will assist beginners to trade cryptos smoothly and effectively. The top order would get a commission on the basis of earnings of the copy trader.

  • P2P TradingP2P Trading

    The Peer to Peer trading enables buyers and sellers to negotiate a price before the coin is transferred. The cryptocurrency is stored on escrow so that ensures coin safety. When the buyer and seller agree, this is when the transaction is completed.

  • Buy Stop OrderBuy Stop Order

    When the stop price is about or below the market price, buy stop order or stop loss order is placed. This is used to protect the profit on a cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency exchange or limit a loss.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development
- Security Vulnerabilities covered by us

  • Google 2 FA Google 2 FA:

    Google 2 Factor Authentication implemented on every login and withdrawal which will contain Google Authentication and SMS Authentication in order to ensure that right user is accessing the account.

  • Request Encryption and AuthorizationRequest Encryption and Authorization:

    On any activity of user, the activity request will get encrypted at client side that will be checked for authorization at server side. Authorization and encryption both are used in the cryptocurrency exchange development.

  • Hot Wallet ProtectionsHot Wallet Protections:

    A wallet that stores crypto currency is connected to internet. So, to avoid wallet attacks we integrate multi private keys instead of single private key that are susceptible to get hacked.

  • Software VulnerabilitiesSoftware Vulnerabilities:

    We execute an approach with which request from any user from anywhere (or any platform) will get encrypted with salt and body, and when the request will get decrypt at the exchange, both salt and body will get match, if it matches then the system will proceed with the request, otherwise not.

Automate your Cryptocurrency Exchange Development with Robust Features

how to setup a bitcoin exchange

System for KYC/AML Verification

It ensures thorough KYC verification control over the traders’ registration timing. Customer documents management, document verification acknowledgement and AML supportive system.

Security with accuracy

Security with accuracy

We have a versatile Bitcoin exchange software solution that cuts down the website preparation time, follows the right blockchain security protocols and that enhances the quality and accuracy of data.

Cryptocurrency development company

Liquidity and API Integration

It gives uneven estimates of the trading activities on crypto market. It enables you to understand and view present trading activities running on the website. It increases the new user base for the new Bitcoin exchange platform.

Cryptocurrency exchange development

Order Book with Matching Engine

It comprises the dashboard for order payments, matched order and relevance, withdrawal request, balance monitoring and pending transaction details.

start your own bitcoin exchange

Multi-Sig Wallet Configuration

Allow your cryptocurrency exchange platform to conduct traders KYC and AML checks for compliance. You can easily integrate multi-signature and encrypted hot wallet, cold wallet and deep frozen wallet.

build your own bitcoin exchange website

Trade Chart and Market Data

This provides a complete view of every cryptocurrency from a macro level on right chart visual presentation and a complete understanding of the market along with the size of trades at that particular point of time.

Emergence of Cryptocurrency Exchange Development in Various Industries

In the wake of the crypto big bang, thousands of new cryptocurrencies have emerged and expanded the ever-expanding cryptocurrency exchange software development market. Over the last few years, many industries have been disrupted by the introduction of cryptocurrencies as a means of transferable value.

  • Cryptocurrency exchange development servicesFinance

    If there is one industry which is about to be revamped from top to bottom by leveraging blockchain technology is FINANCE. The financial shift is going to come with passive actions or value being exchanged without two individuals needing to interact directly. For example, funds being automatically withdrawn from your account when you exit a grocery store.

  • Cryptocurrency exchange development companyHealthcare

    When it comes to sharing and storing medical data, the healthcare industry has been in need of a significant disruption. The potential for error, lost records and fraud has given a rise to distrust between consumers and healthcare service providers. Blockchain technology can revamp the trust by securely storing medical records which can be safely accessed by the doctors and authorized people.

  • Cryptocurrency exchange development Banking

    At present, banks store money for their customers and also handle the transfer. Blockchain inherently has a secure system which would provide permanent records of the millions of transactions that take place in the banking industry every day. This ledger system can lower the risk by providing secure records and money could be transferred faster by the decentralization nature of blockchain.

  • Crypto exchange developmentReal estate

    Anyone who has ever bought or sold a home very well knows just how much paperwork is involved in a real estate transaction. Cryptocurrency exchange development has the potential to completely change the current headache that all of these documents cause. By using blockchain technology, all of the transaction records and documents can be stored securely with less work and less cost.

  • cryptocurrency exchange platform developmentEducation

    The education industry is definitely going to see some significant breakthroughs utilizing an evolving version of the Internet that combines blockchain, cryptocurrency and virtual reality. The new Internet will be known as “3DInternet” and it has the power to create a global classroom. Blockchain-distributed ledger technology provides a safe and auditable way to record and transfer data.

  • how to create a cryptocurrency walletInternet of Things

    The Internet of Things (IoT) promises an ever-increasing number of online devices to contribute effectively to our well connected lifestyle. However, a significant barrier to the adoption of several smart gadgets is the walled ecosystem which a few manufacturers really insist upon, locking out devices from other vendors and making things difficult for the customer planning to use a diverse variety of bits of hardware.

Establish Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform with Excellent Strategies

As we are the best cryptocurrency exchange development services provider, our blockchain experts follow the right techniques that give your business the necessary edge to stay on the top of the crypto game.

  • Deep DataDeep Data

    By using the crude market information (for example, cost and volume) joined with a couple of markers will infrequently produce a beneficial exchanging methodology. Thus, it makes sense to cross-check everything in order to prevent bug-fixing later and that’s what our blockchain experts take care of.

  • Manual ModelingManual Modeling

    Developing a good technique for cryptocurrency exchange platform development starts with taking a closer look at the raw information yet breaking down some markers, for instance MACD, EMA, RSI and SMA. The general purpose of the technique is endeavoring to uncover a few examples that are truly obvious to the human eye, yet in addition that these examples are reoccurring all through history and will keep on doing as well.

  • Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence

    Any developer can easily create the number of models as they want. It is just a direct improvement process and quite difficult to test. It confirms latest theories while simultaneously tweaking several parameters and attempting different qualities.

How Can You Benefit From Cryptocurrency Exchange Development?

Antier Solutions take immense pride in being one of the reputed cryptocurrency exchange development companies working to create ultimate cryptocurrency apps development and software.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services
  • Quick Response

    We highly believe in responding to queries that may arise from our clients at the earliest. With the additional understanding of cryptocurrency app development, our project managers will add significant value to your project.

  • Reliable, Transparent and Secure

    To develop a cryptocurrency, Blockchain has its own set of security rules. We develop a secure code to make your own cryptocurrency that will be a transparent and reliable cryptocurrency as per your business requirements.

  • Future of Cryptocurrency Development

    Our highly experienced team of blockchain developers has already started working on latest technologies of decentralization. With the inception of distributed ledger technologies such as: DAG and hashgraph will redefine the cryptocurrency marketplace with our extensive range of cryptocurrency exchange development services.

Success Stories

Decentralized Bitcoin exchange platform development

Make the most of our bespoke blockchain solutions that are tailor-made to meet your product requirements.

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