This is a common question asked by software developers and entrepreneurs while considering efficient ways to position their career and business respectively.

A set of code modules, technology stack when viewed from below takes an individual close to the operating system. On the contrary, the higher you go in a stack, the more specialized functionality you access.

When it comes to zeroing on to technology stack, there are certain crucial factors that must be taken into consideration, including:


Scalability here refers to catering to more number of customer requests with reduced cost and response time. If your product is expected to receive heavy traffic, it is vital to pay attention to the efficacy of the stack you select since it will influence your operational burden and cost.


The operating constraints set by the company often play major role in influencing the decision of making stack choice. For an instance, if your company develops native applications for iPhone, you might be compelled to use Objective C. Make out if all or part of your company needs to support certain legal requirements or align with a specific technology vendor since this could be a major factor in decision making.


Many software products can be developed using open source solutions today. Make certain to gain insight into under which license the software is open sourced since it might have an impact on your future deals. GPL, General Public License, is deemed the most commercially restrictive license today.

As you take into account these factors, it may become easy for you to choose a right technology stack that helps you accomplish your business objectives.