There is much more to an application than simply developing it for users. Like you would not purchase a car without expecting maintenance costs, the same goes for applications as well. When you are provided with an app post development, it is viable to know that maintenance needs and costs come along.

Numerous updates, fixes and improvements are all required to be planned by the developers. Based on company norms, 15 to 20 percent of the original cost goes towards maintaining an application. This might appear to be expensive, but in case you enter mobile app development phase without prior preparation, it is actually going to cost you big.

Factors influencing application maintenance cost

User activities play major role in affecting the cost required to maintain any application. The more the traffic, higher will be the maintenance cost. Thus, if you are getting an app developed that is expected to welcome more traffic, be prepared to anticipate higher maintenance cost.

Another major factor to impact maintenance cost is the platform for which the app is being developed. If yours is a native application for diverse mobile platforms, including Blackberry, Android, iPhone and more, it is better to be prepared for inflated maintenance cost. Reason being, when you choose to enhance the app, your developers would have to work separately on each platform. It means, if you have an app that works on Android, iOS and Blackberry platform, you are required to do three times the work.

It would not be wrong to say that maintenance of an application is as important as its launch. By working on a maintenance plan in the initial stages of application development, prioritizing updates later, you can trim-down maintenance costs, keeping your customers happy and satisfied.