Each process model flows down through multiple phases so as to ensure success in software development. Deliverables produced by one phase are required by the following in order to accomplish the end product.

When you ought to turn your ideas into a product, the phases that will be covered are:

Analysis: As is clear from the name, during this phase, business requirements will be gathered and understood. This is when the role of Project Managers and Stake Holders comes into play. Questions like who is going to use the system and how? What data would be input into the system?and what data would be output from the system are addressed.

Plan: This phase entails initiation of system and software design which assists in defining system and hardware requirements, along with specifying overall system architecture.

Build: The project is segmented into diverse units or modules and the actual coding will begin with this phase. A major role played at this time is of the developer’s since code is produced during this phase.

After successful coding, the product will be tested against the requirements to ensure it is addressing the needs. Unit testing, system testing, integration testing and acceptance testing would be carried out for the same.

Deployment: Once the product is deemed secure for use post successful testing, it will be delivered to you, the customer.

Maintain: The actual user acceptance testing may bring out underlying issues with the system only after its use and once appeared, they would need to be addressed right away. If your developed system encounters any problem, it will be adjusted to systemic, organizational and utilization changes if you have the maintenance agreement in place.

Each phase has its own importance and when they are carried out in a flexible manner, the chances of success escalate.