Presence on the internet requires dealing with security- one of the necessities to ensure secure use of any web application. As new technologies evolve, so do the hacking methods. Network firewalls, which were constructed with a motive to block dangerous protocols, are now helpless since the same protocols are embedded inside HTTP.

A better approach is thus needed to ensure security of applications. Before you launch the application, be certain of its secure use to make certain users do not turn down your app only for security reasons. Below mentioned are the security parameters your application should pass:

User authentication

With increasing cases of identity theft and security breaches, there is an enormous need for stronger user authentication. Improved ways of verification have smoothly changed from conventional tokens to smart cards, soft tokens, fingerprint readers and scanning devices. Contextual authentication, wherein analysis of device patterns and behavior patterns is performed, is gaining immense importance. Make certain that your application offers enhanced user authentication so that during any transaction between two people, each party knows they are dealing with legitimate users.

Encryption and decryption of data is crucial

When the information between two parties is shared over a network, chances of theft always exist. This is when encryption of information at the sender’s end and decryption of the same at the receiver’s end is vital to ensure secure exchange of data. Incorporate cryptography feature into your app to protect the details of the users to enhance the credibility of your application.

Secure transaction exchange

Many applications lose their customers since they are unable to offer secure platform for funds transfer. Do not let this happen to you. If your application requires transfer of money, make certain the account details shared at this time are protected.

Today when app users have turned smart, focusing on the security of an application at first place, your application’s adherence to security parameters makes it a trusted option, enabling it to rank top among its competitors.