Your app has the same features and functionality, but still it fails to perform as good as it does in English-speaking countries. Have you ever thought why this happens?

Because you did not localize your app for non english-speaking users.

Now, you might be wondering what localization is. Well, it is a process to make an application available in diverse languages. When App Store enables distribution of apps to more than 150 countries in 28 languages, localization can help app developers acquire great traffic in varied markets.

Even though advancements in telecommunications infrastructure led to increased popularity of mobile applications round the globe, each region has its own way of perceiving things. If you look forward to diversify your business in other countries, make certain to localize your app, which does not end with simple translation. It needs to adapt to a specific country and populace.

However, prior to making the final decision, ensure to figure out if this venture of yours would really do good for you by increasing your downloads and revenue.

How to begin localizing your app?

Once you are clear about your target market, go on to localize the App Store Optimization of your app instead of directly localizing your app. You might realize the need for professional help for the same. Don’t forget to optimize your keywords. This does not incorporate using Google to carry out the translation. This also does not include asking a local speaker to suggest the best optimized word for your application.

When it comes to screenshots, it is vital to ensure that every translated word make sense. Be careful while using text in your screenshots as you would not want them to look bad or overloaded with longer words.

Post implementation of changes, test the performance of your app. It is worth waiting for a couple of weeks to find out if your app is getting good number of downloads. If it does, you are certainly on the right track. It is viable to proceed with localization process. This is when professional help might be required. Like screenshots, make certain to pay attention to your graphics and ensure that the characters fit well in the buttons.

On the contrary, if your app does not receive increased number of downloads, it can be probably because you did not target right language or country for your business. Consider changing the same. Poor results can also be the consequence of employing improper localization approach.

A clear understanding of mobile app localization and a right approach to carry out the process will help increase the number of downloads for your app. So, wait no further. Localize your app and give it a chance to perform better in target areas.