When a brand is born, its color is a major deciding factor of the purpose it is going to serve in the related industry. And particularly for print communication and brand collateral, color is going to play a pivotal role. A little extra information on the importance and usage of the right colors for your brand will help you enhance your brand experience and get the best printing results too!

Your brand’s color has to reflect the personality of your company, product or services, like for example if it’s a sportswear, it has to show passion or speed, on the other hand if it is travel-related, it has to reflect adventure or relaxation, and thusly related colors for them. Most designers out there would agree with me when I say that color is the most important design element for your brand.

Travel: Shades of blue
Now, let’s see how we can get a better understanding of colors and how we can choose the right combination of colors for our brand communication. A tool called color wheel, based on 12 colors, helps you pick the best colors for your brand in the most orderly way. Here are some important things you should know about the color wheel, before you make good use of it:

  • The most crucial or primary colors on the color wheel are red, yellow & blue.
  • Then come the not-so important or secondary colors, which are green, orange & purple (achieved on mixing up 2 primary colors).
  • Also, there are 6 other tertiary colors on the color wheel which are attained by mixing up various primary & secondary colors. Those are reddish orange, yellowish orange, greenish yellow, bluish green, bluish violet and reddish violet.

Colors which stand opposite to each other on the color wheel, that is, green & red are called complementary colors. Theses colors are high in contrast and liven up the page, but shouldn’t be the best choice for text. Colors placed side-by-side on the wheel are known as analogous colors and are very comforting to the eyes.

Besides the color wheel, there are umpteen number of color schemes like triadic or square, which are worth exploring in order to make yourself familiar with other innovative color schemes.
Check out for our next post which will be about some more schemes and color theories.