Successful business models require a powerful strategy to promote their services to target audience and also to receive a competitive edge in the market. For a business to achieve maximum online recognition, it is important to have a strong web presence by acquiring the leading position in web development. Staying abreast with the latest web development trends is equally crucial to develop a modern and technologically-advanced website.

Here is the list of players that are more likely to reshape the tech landscape in 2018.


Less is more; we are likely to see more websites developed on this approach. Single page websites, clean and uncluttered designs are dominating the web landscape. A professionals working in a top website development company in Chandigarh, or across the globe, are going back to the basics and embracing single page web development.

This solution allows developers to put all the content onto a scrollable page, eliminating any clutter. Moreover, it helps keep challenges like complex navigation, multi-level menu and tons of text at bay. All essential information is available on a single page and users simply need to scroll to it.

Not only this, an excellent single page website can attract users through its extraordinary design and powerful accent, thereby improving the conversion rate. This is another reason why single-pagers are gaining huge popularity.

Progressive web apps

According to a research, people spend around 89% of their time browsing web apps. It is logical to contemplate that if websites were like more applications, people would spend more time on them. Progressive web apps (PWA) combine the best of both worlds – web and mobile – by leveraging the features of a web browser and interface of a mobile app. A PWA loads quickly, works more reliably, and delivers an extraordinary user experience.

The shortcut to a PWA can be saved on the home screen. As most of the information is stored in the cache, the app loads quickly. Service workers running in the background ensure that latest information is restored when a device is connected to the internet. Progressive web apps are easier to design as compared mobile applications; they work for all users; and can be deployed easily.

UI in motion

Motion UI is rapidly gaining popularity because it enables developers to animate content easily, without requiring strong knowledge of JavaScript or jQuery. Development relies on SASS preprocessor. A technologically-advanced website development company in Chandigarh, or worldwide, is embracing this technology to add more style to a website and to distinguish it from thousands of other business websites.

Different ways that can be followed to deliver an amazing user experience through a minimalistic website include page header transitions, modular scrolling, animated charts, nice hovers and background animations.

Push notifications

Mobile notifications became an efficient way to engage users. Of late, this idea was adopted for website development and it is rapidly turning out to be the latest fad.

It works quite simple – a user visiting a website is offered to enable push notifications. Once agreed, a user is notified of any changes made on the website, even after the tab has been closed. The biggest advantage of this technology is improved user engagement.

Push notifications are a way better option than SMS, emails or social media to keep users up to date about the latest information. This is the reason why developers working in a top website development company in Chandigarh, or in any corner of the world, are high on the idea of implementing push notifications on websites.

Now-a-days, having a website is more important for a business than having an office space. Being ahead of website development trends means that you are not only able to attract more customers, but also retain existing customers.

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