There is always something to learn and explore in web design and development. If you are running a business online, its success is highly proportional to the immersive user experience on your website. Emerging trends keep evolving and changing in terms of functionality, sustainability, web design and development. These trends direct the web design and development company to make the best possible changes and discard anything unsuitable.

• A typical user will form an opinion about a website in (0.05 seconds) according to the Behavior and Information Technology Journal.
• 75% of users admitted the fact that they make judgments about a company’s credibility on the basis of its website’s design as per the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab.

This year also we have seen the rise of AI, conversational interfaces and creative layouts. Be it a simple website, E-commerce store or a marketplace, you are certainly going to witness the age of transformation.

Web Design and Development Trends

Have a look at the top trends that have already been affecting the web development in a positive way bringing out the positive differences:

New Age Chatbots and AI

No doubt, new age Chatbots and AI continue to be in the spotlight this year as well. We can see AI in action with voice assistants like Google Home and Apple Siri and conversational interfaces. Technology incorporates these smart elements to allow users experience a magnificent digital journey at their own pace.

With the rapid advancement of AI and machine learning, Chatbots are getting even more smart, intelligent and efficient. This latest trend has brought the bot building technology into play and is here to stay and grow further.

Illustrations Going Mainstream

Not just in the product design but marketing field also, illustrations have been quite prominent. They can be effectively used as a powerful tool to fill life to abstract concepts. In fact, they also help resolve any representational challenge which photography may pose at times. Illustrations enable designers to develop digital products which cater to a wide audience and this something is here to stay.

Motion UI

The motion UI library enable in playing around with your own animations and experiment with them. Motion UI allows you to use animations as per your own creativity and preferences. There are various transitional effects to select from like the CSS image hover effect that makes your website more interactive. Motion UI basically allows you to transform each and every element on your website.


Bitcoin, a powerful invention by the Satoshi Nakamoto allows digital media to be shared or distributed, however, prohibits it from being copied. Originally, the technology was created for Bitcoin, but now it helps various applications for the e-commerce sector. As we all know, Blockchain keep all transaction parties in the loop, allow in supply chain auditing, smart contracts and failure free decentralized storage for files. Apart from this, through Initial Coin Offering (ICO), it also paves a way for the crowd-funding and peer-to-peer commerce.

Programming Language

As we all know, functional programming has been here from a long time now; we can discover some more benefits with latest improvements in JavaScript such as: ES6 and ES7. The latest updates enable programmers to simplify codes using the arrow functions and object spreading makes it easier to construct new elements from current values. Await/Async makes call functions broader in the area of functional programming.

Floating Navigation Menus

Usually conversion focused websites stick to fixed navigation menus which give users a simple website to navigate on easily. Designers are currently taking fixed menus to the next level by detaching the navigation bar visually from other design elements and keeping it below the Chrome browser. The menu floats like a constant element on all webpages making it a universal object on your website.

Enhanced Online Support

As the web has evolved over a period of time, customer service available online has also undergone a massive transformation. Customers could talk directly with representatives to help with their issues and concerns. However, the problem still persisted as to the availability of customer service agents to help with customer’s questions. Chatbots have changed that and will continue to make progress in the coming year ahead. With AI and Chatbots available, companies respond to customer queries quickly even when customer service resources are not readily available.

If you have already been applying these methodologies, congratulations things are in order! However, it is imperative to keep an eye on what is coming next so that you don’t lag behind any sort of tech update which might affect your business’s online presence. If you have any project to discuss, make sure to find the right web design and Development Company like Antier Solutions that strives to deliver quality solutions keeping in mind your high-tech preferences.