Mobile apps have taken the world by a storm. Today, we have apps for everything shopping, entertainment, beauty, health & fitness, banking, business, and more. Whether you are a small business owner or running a big enterprise, everyone needs a feature-rich, customer-centric business app to boost their business and to reach their targeted audience. But, the first and foremost thing to understand while creating a reliable app is to hire the best Android app development company who provide a complete range of development services.

A single Android app is created after so much research and analysis. A lot of planning goes into creating a reliable, scalable, powerful, and user-friendly application. Also, numerous tests are conducted for due diligence. In spite of all this, around 60% of users uninstall your Android app within a month. So, what goes wrong? In order to rectify the issue you first need to understand the reasons for uninstallation. In this blog, we will discuss and elaborate the most common reasons for the app uninstall and how to fix them.

Make Easy & Simple Registration Process

Making registration process complex is the most common mistake done by the developer of Android or iPhone app development company. A study shows that around 15% of uninstallation happen because of the lengthy and complex registration process. Here are some of the most common registration mistakes:
 Do not force your users to social login because there are numerous people who may not like it. So, give your users different options to log in.
 Do not ask too much information from your users.
 Consider different country, language, and culture while making people to register your app.

Privacy Concern

Whether you took services from the best Android app development company or iOS app development company, you should have made some extra efforts so that your users feel safe while demanding their personal information. Typically, app developer ignores this, resulting in uninstall the app. So while launching a new Android or iOS app, stick to permissions that are essential for the application only.

Frequently Update Your App

If your app has some issues, bugs, or crashes then talk to any Android or iPhone app development company and they will suggest you maintain or update your app on a regular basis. In case, you don’t update your app then the people will uninstall your app as no one needs a buggy app.

Build a Unique App

There are numerous similar apps as yours available in the market. Therefore, it is critical for you to build your app in such as way that it offers something unique and bestow a competitive advantage to the users. As per the recent report, about 20% of users uninstall the app when users find a better app. You can hire the best Android app development company in order to create a unique and powerful app.

A complete analysis of the market will help to get an understanding of the customer’s interests. Once you know their likes or dislikes, you will be able to create a correct and bug-free app. Most of the people or businesses take help from the iPhone and Android app development company so that they get an app which is perfect in all respects.