A National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) projection, at their annual summit, sent out good news for the Information and Technology Sector throughout the nation. Indian Software Companies in Chandigarh will see a revenue growth of 7-9 per cent in the fiscal year to March 2019 crediting to the growing export of software services. There will be seen a greater growth in the export of software services as the industry is growing in demand within the nation’s IT sector as well as other industries who seek Info-tech services.

What is being called as snail growth year, was the reality of the sector last year. This is the result of the wide projected shift from server maintenance to Artificial Intelligence Management. In Chandigarh, due to its novice in the industry, growth of software companies is seen rather rapidly.

The sharp is a much needed fervor, even the prediction, after the slug works of the previous year. It can be so because of the overall slowdown of the economy during the later half of the year credited to the economic policies, not many hail for. Yet, these policies are beginning to show a positive outcome for many businesses are seeking out IT services. Well, isn’t that a great news for us?

You know, software development is also 2017’s most preferred job and highest paying on the mean. That just means, more businesses will be online, and more Software Companies will be called for, in Chandigarh.

Do you want know why Software Companies in Chandigarh are going to be a rage? Here is why:

1. Software is eating the World- This famous Marc Anthony quote that is true in today’s digital era. Now-a-days, there is an application for everything – be it booking a ride, finding a job, applying for academic courses or more. This is what the world needs today, and there are software companies which offer all this brilliantly. In Chandigarh itself software companies deal in package of services that are not only limited to development but go as far as maintenance and distribution. It is the digitization of the nation that IT sector is literally rejoicing on.

2. Technicality is not everyone’s cup of tea- The world is advancing leveraged on the technological innovations that keep coming up. But, it is not possible for everyone to be able to decode these innovations and use it for multiple lay purposes. A skilled software developer is the key to benefit from the technological advancements. People are becoming more and more interested in this field as a profession. However make sure to find the best designers who can transform your business idea into a successful product.

3. Speeding up of the internet- Faster and higher bandwidth networks with wireless services have already become a great part of our lives. According to a Business Insider report, over 24 billion IT devices will be installed worldwide and that is the reason enough for growing demand of Software Companies. India, a country rapidly developing in the IT sector, will experience an explosive growth of demand for Software Companies in Chandigarh .

4. Data Centres for the win- In the fast-paced technology world, Data centres are the dark horses. They are a major growth area including data analytics, data engineering and data science. Why? Because everything that is happening on the internet or offline is data and every company requires researchers, analytics, engineers and scientists who can sift through terabytes and petabytes of data by the day. All this to increase consumer related services and products.

5. Artificial Intelligence is the future- Where data centres and wireless networks are ruling today, artificial intelligence will sit in the near future. It works unlike the traditional automation solutions as it powers intelligent automation with labor and capital augmentation.

Software Companies in Chandigarh are witnessing a piercing growth which will contribute to the information and technology sector, giving a strong push to the national economy.