The benefits of a good UI are known to many, but only a few know what goes into designing a great user interface design. For many, it’s a challenging task. However, a right approach and determining what works best for you helps accomplish positive results. Here are a few principles to refine the feature of UI design.

Go for a single column layout

A single column layout offers more control over your narrative. Unlike multi-column approach, which comes with an additional risk of distracting the users from core purpose of a page, a single column layout provides more predictable guidance to your readers. Guide your users with a story and ascertain to add a clear call to action at the end.

Merge similar functions

It is common to create multiple elements, sections, and features that perform the same function. However, things start falling into pieces over time. Look for duplicate functionality labeled in different ways since it could complicate things for your users. Remember, more UI fragmentation means higher learning curve to deal with. Try to merge similar functions together rather than fragmenting the UI.

Try distinct clickable styles

Basic elements of visual styling such as color, contrast, and depth help your users understand how to navigate your interface. To let them comprehend where they are and where they can go, differentiate the style of your selected items, clickable actions. When used properly, these styles can help your users to navigate through your interface without any confusion. Don’t blur the styles to make things complicated for your users.

Don’t prompt for confirmation, try undos instead

Undos respect human intent by enabling the action to perform smoothly. On the contrary, prompts question the intent of users and make them realize that they lack clear idea of what they are doing. Enable your users to undo actions instead of asking for confirmation where possible to make them feel more in control.

Make the interface pleasing to the eye and don’t forget to ensure ease of use. Your users will keep coming back to you when they are able to perform their intended actions effectively and efficiently.

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