The psychology of color in digital marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, it can be a bit difficult to know where to start. With a large number of digital marketing professionals on the market, how can you get under the skin of your target audience with your brand message?

The answer lies in color. Psychologists believe that every color has its own meaning and it denotes particular feelings and emotions. It is important for brands to understand these emotions and use them effectively while marketing.

Color and branding

Every brand has an identity which showcases its personality and what it is related to. Colors play a major role in making a brand instantly recognizable to target audience and potential customers.

For example, consider Coca Cola. The red color of the brand is no coincidence. It is a vibrant color that is considered to be full of passion, energy, strength and power, and it truly represents the brand.

Color and usability

A color is one of the most influential forms of non-verbal communication and the top online marketing companies in Chandigarh, or in any corner of the world, use colors to convey a business message. While it is crucial to use color ways and styling throughout every marketing process, it is also important to make appropriate use of colors. Before using a color for a marketing strategy, understand the meaning behind that color and use it in the right place at the right time. It is also crucial to use variations in color when appropriate.

Color and persuasion

Although the ideas behind what a color means are multitude, research shows that geographical areas and personal preferences play a role in how a color is perceived. The professionals working in experienced Online marketing companies in Chandigarh understand this and they have knack of using the right colors for the right purpose.

Color appropriateness is also an important consideration. Harley Davidson cannot use pink color in its marketing process because it is not appropriate for the rugged and manly attributes that the brand is known for.

Generally, every color represents emotions and thus, if use appropriately, it can help create a strong emotional connect with audience.

Color contract in communication

The color wheel has different shades and variations, and it is important to use the right contrast, especially when it comes to online marketing. To make your work visually appealing and noticeable, balance the contrast perfectly.

Black text on a white background is the most preferred combination as this contrast is easy to read, which is essential to deliver an enjoyable online experience to audience.

Color and brand recognition

How people act when they see your color plays a great role in conversions. Will a user click the button on call to action? Will a user read your pop-up graphic? Will a user notice your email subscription box?

The Institute for Color Research says that people judge your content in 90 seconds or less and 90% of this judgment is based on the colors used. Colors affect your existing and potential customers’ buying decisions. In fact, colors help people recognize your business up to 80% . It is thus important to choose your brand colors carefully. Expert online marketing companies in Chandigarh or worldwide will understand this and help you select the right colors that relate to your brand and complement it.

Colors are perceived differently by people in different regions. While yellow color is associated with optimism, happiness, warmth, joy and hope in Western cultures, it represents envy in Germany. So, your choice of colors for digital marketing should be based on your target audience and target geographical area.

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