Tips to improve conversion rate of digital display advertising

Many of you running online display advertising might not be getting the conversions or return on investment that you were hoping for. This could be because you did a number of things which went wrong. But no need to worry, here are a few tips that will help you to improve conversion rate of your digital display advertising.

Research and schedule your ads

If you have been running display advertising for your business for some time, and if you have successfully tracked your results, you will more likely be having a wealth of data that could help you optimize your ad campaigns.

Start with finding the days and times when you saw the most conversions. Use this data to schedule your future ads and exclude times that witnessed little or no conversions.

If you are new to digital marketing, looking for professional internet marketing companies in Chandigarh, or in your area, is a great start. The professionals working in these companies are experienced and expert in implementing the right marketing strategies to bring successful results to you.

Set an impression cap on your ad

How often do you buy the first product that you come across? Very rare, right? This is when re-marketing or running multiple ads is a key to success. However, make sure that you do not irritate your target audience with a plethora of ads which will eventually turn them away in majority cases.

The right balance is all that matters, so ensure to set an impression cap on your ads. This will help you to stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

Be sure of appropriate placement of ads

Imagine that you are into fast food business and your ad appears at the end of a page that talks about tackling childhood obesity or you deal in women cosmetics products and your ad appears on a page describing the drawbacks of beauty products or skin allergies caused due to them. The placement would be a waste of money, and moreover, your business might be affected because of being displayed on such pages.

Digital marketing experts working in the top internet marketing companies in Chandigarh, or worldwide, focus on adwords placement exclusions, helping you to avoid blunders like this, while ensuring that your ads are displayed on the most relevant pages.

Use re-marketing lists

If you want to get your ads seen by people who have already visited your website, using re-marketing lists is a great option. Since these people have been to your site, chances are they may be interested in your products or services and hence they are more likely to convert.

Test, and test again

It is crucial to make small edits in your ads and then split test them to figure out if there is any room for small changes that can turn your conversion rate from good to excellent. You can also test landing page variants to see if they have any positive effect on your conversion rate. Unless you try, you would not know the difference, so test, and test again.

If you are not sure about the variations that you can bring to your ads, seek help of one of the trusted internet marketing companies in Chandigarh or in any corner of the world. A right company can help you get the right results in the right time.

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