If this is the question that keeps striking your mind when it comes to app development, it is worth knowing that no two projects will cost the same, regardless of how similar they are. In addition to the type of application you are considering of getting developed, there are many other factors that impact the cost required to transform an idea into the app.

Complexity is one of those factors. The more complex the application the higher will be the cost since more efforts and time might be required on the part of the developers to reach the end product.

As per the leading mobile and web app development companies, cost needed to develop service apps range from $5,000 to $200,000 and that for IP (Intellectual Property) apps range from 10,000 to 250,000. Similarly, for not much complicated apps, the average cost of development is $20,000.

Once the implementation begins, the entrepreneurs might come up with more information regarding the project which can increase the time and cost associated with web and mobile app development, no matter whether the project is fixed cost or hourly cost. First time entrepreneurs and inexperienced developers end up creating issues on such situations, conversely seasoned developers and people who document their requirements carefully ask the right questions upfront.

If you are planning to get your application developed, make certain to freeze your requirements upfront prior to asking anyone to estimate it for costing.