User Interface (UI) design, the process of converting complex things into meaningful user experiences, must be given ample attention since it serves crucial competitive benefit for those venturing into the introduction of new products. By focusing on user interface design and user experience (UX) in product development, you can come up with better solutions, ultimately improving credibility, revenue and market share.

Many well-recognized names, such as Dell, Samsung, Motorola, Logitech and Charles Schwab are already laying major emphasis on UX and UI design for the development of their products as well as applications, reaping fruitful benefits.

For a fact, User Interface and User Experience design plays major role in enhancing user experience by improving the usability, accessibility and interaction between the product and the user, it is viable to invest adequate time and budget on it. When it comes to deciding on a methodology, Agile makes a perfect option. Every time you work on the design based on the user’s idea, feedback from user end can be attained and it is possible to improve the output of the product. Moreover, the same also helps in informed decision making, without which the projects are often delayed.

Another enticing thing about putting efforts into UI and UX design is it always enables you to add value to your product irrespective of the budget. While you can give lighter touch to the product with low budget, relatively higher budget enables you to get into more extensive detailing.

Thus, planning to launch a product, if you wish for increased user engagement, it is vital to spend sufficient time and efforts on UI and UX design as it is the first look which makes your user to buy  your product.