The foundation of a successful business consists of highly flexible and secure infrastructure. A comprehensive platform enables the entrepreneurs to meet investor-level compliance and cater to disaster recovery needs.

If you are a small organization with the need for a business website, go for shared hosting since the cost incurred in this is nominal. Reason being, multiple other sites too are hosted on the server in addition to your website. Additionally, the disk space and bandwidth allotted is also limited, but can still serve your purpose.

On the contrary, if you are a big company or institution that needs to manage extensive data and carry out diverse calculations as well as tasks, it is viable to opt for dedicated hosting. Under this arrangement, you are offered an exclusive server, along with complete control over the machine. At the same time, VPS options are also available both for Linux and Microsoft server which may start from $20 and $45 a month respectively.

Deciding upon the budget

When it comes to determining the cost for hosting hardware infrastructure, make certain to take the below mentioned points into consideration:

>> Bandwidth size
>> Storage Space

More the requirement for bandwidth size and storage space, higher will be the budget. It means, if you own a large organization, you would have to take good chunk out of your pocket to fund hosting infrastructure depending on traffic your website receive on daily basis.

Above all, the type of infrastructure you choose will play major role in influencing your budget. While shared infrastructure will cost you less, by going for dedicated hosting you need to spend comparatively more.