People often complain about visiting a developer, sharing their app development idea with him and then claiming it to be stolen by the same professional.

This has increased the need for protecting an idea while it is still in an idea phase. Following are a few methods that can be adopted for the same:

Remember NDA

NDA, Non-Disclosure Agreement, is probably one of the best ways to protect your ideas from being stolen by the developers. Ask your attorney to prepare an NDA and exchange it with everyone you wish to share your idea with, after signing it.

Be creative while disclosing your idea

When it comes to disclosing or explaining the idea, be certain to protect the “secret recipe” that will actually bring profit to your business.

Choose from protective measures

Get into the discussion with your attorney to determine if you require protective measures like patent or trademark. For a fact, copyright law offers cushion to the originality of expression and not the function of proposed idea, opting for copyright alone might not be sufficient to safeguard the commercial value of your application and thus patent might also be required.

Gain control over the distribution

Upload your application to different app stores from your account instead of allowing the developers to do it from theirs. It is better to register for an account in your own name, providing temporary access to the developers and changing access rights afterwards.

Build your idea

Let your idea take the shape of an app as soon as possible. Once you get your web or mobile app developed, you can be sure of copyright protection. This prevents anyone from coming by and stealing your code.

Ideas can be cheap, but implementation is hard. It is impossible for anyone to steal your hard work and this is something that actually makes your product successful. In other words, it’s not the idea which is more important, it’s the execution of your idea which will make you succeed. That’s why only a few e-commerce portals come to one’s mind when we think about them and not rest of them.