It can be challenging to form a team or find a person you are comfortable working with, especially when you are a startup and you do not have much connections. But, a right approach can put you in contact with your ideal professional.

Have a technical Co-founder

If your company requires core technical work, it is better to partner with a technical co-founder. You can also hire a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with sufficient experience and necessary connections. He ensures that the developers provide the services promised without compromising on the quality.

Connect with the development community

It does not matter whether you are a developer yourself or just hire developers, it is always beneficial to stay connected with the development community. It becomes easier to hire people when you are aware of the kind of projects and tools a person can work on.

It’s all about research

Relying on freelancing websites to hire developers can be risky and is not recommended. Remember, all that is needed is research, research, and research. Consider every aspect of a developer, including his credentials and qualifications to ensure he is authentic. Look for reviews and references on his profile. You can get a better idea of his skills and capabilities from his social media and Linkedin profile.

Understand your product to get better idea of skills that a developer should possess to successfully work on it. This will help you find the right professional for your project. But remember, finding the best developer alone is not sufficient. Don’t forget to regularly monitor your team. Make sure they work on what was promised. Constant monitoring will make them feel accountable and eventually improve the quality of services delivered.