The choice of software platform depends on the type of product you are developing. Depending on the product, you may have more or less options to choose from. Although the choice of platform might not seem challenging in the beginning, it can be a major problem as you proceed. So, have in-depth understanding of your product is important.

Custom or off the shelf

When developing an e-commerce product, there are multiple options to choose from. Products including Squarespace, Magento or Shopify can help you create an e-commerce site. On the contrary, if you intend to build a simple, content-driven site, try exploring WordPress, a popular Content Management System.

If the domain of your product is not common, or if you want complete control over every detail, you might have to build your product right from the beginning. This approach is relatively time-consuming, requires you to build a team, and opens a new set of options.

Mobile product development

When going for mobile product development, the options are limited and thus deciding upon the software platform is easier. After you are clear about the users you want to target (i.e Android, iOS or both), decide if you will be using the native language of the platform or would rather go for a hybrid approach.

It is always recommended to use platform’s native language since it’s a good way to achieve excellent performance and user experience. Conversely, if you want to target both the platforms, it opt for the hybrid approach. It helps quickly build a prototype that supports multiple platforms, while maintaining a balance between performance and UX.

Large part of the success of your product depends on the platform you choose. Wrong platform means you are away from desired end result. So, wait for a while, think about your product, understand it, and then choose your platform.