Android just released 9 Pie and the team has already started working on its newer Android Operating System version Q. Google team has begun unveiling the new features that users can enjoy in the upcoming OS version “Android Q”. So, are you excited to know what is new coming the way? And when you can you get it into your Android devices? Here are some of the latest features of Android Q which is beneficial for both developers and users, very soon we will see that almost all Android App Development Company India involve this OS in their platform.

Warning Against Older Apps

The Google team will develop the latest OS version by making use of the Play Store Policy update guidelines only. The Android Q will introduce the feature of “Warning Against Older Apps”. The new feature of Android Q would not be working if install on a lollipop or earlier than this version. So, if you want to get away from the bad user experience than it is good to not to install an app with the older version.

Multi-Resume Feature

If you are using the latest version of Android OS then you are very well aware of the word “Split Screen” or “Picture-in-Picture” mode, Multi-Resume is somehow similar to it. With the use of this feature, the users will be able to use all the apps in the split screen during the active mode. That means you can access multiple apps at the same time without having to compromise one of them. If you are one of the top mobile app development companies in India and want to give your user a better UX then start involving Android Q.

Foldable Device Support

Samsung makes an announcement that very soon it is going to be released its unique and appealing foldable device, Galaxy X and Galaxy Y and right after the announcement Google revealed the support of Android Q for foldable devices.

Battery Saving Mode

Another great feature of Android Q is its battery feature. In this feature, the turned off screen will automatically get converted into battery saving mode. This will enable users to have increased usage time with lesser battery consumption.

Vulkan API for Better UX

The upcoming Android OS version 10 will also use Vulkan API which will to deliver amazing user experience, an effective low-overhead, compute and cross-platform 3D graphics API.

Early Testing for Developers

In Android Dev Summit 2018, the Google team has revealed that the Android Q version will be available on GSI for the developers to test before its launch in the market so that the system can run smooth and flawless.

Excellent Treble Support

Google is also planning to improve the treble compatibility, so it will develop the Android Q version according to it. Now, users can enjoy the flash GSI on Android devices which will allow for rapid software updates.

Hopefully, the above information will help you to understand this imposing Android OS version. You are going to enjoy the Android Q beta in 2019 and its releasing date somewhere in August 2019. And if you are one of the top mobile app development companies in India then get ready to adopt this latest version on your apps.