Is it becoming difficult to increase search traffic on your website? That may be because of a high bounce rate in the flawed web design of your business.


When the rate of visitors arriving at your website is higher than your sales, it is the bounce rate. You can think of this as bouncing off of visitors from your website within seconds of arriving at your website without giving you a chance to convert them into potential and definite consumers.

It is an analytical tool that judges on the quality of the website.


A poor web design is responsible for high bounce rate low conversion rate. That’s why web design companies in Mohali are beginning to use conversion rate as the principle that they formulate web designs on.

A web design is capable of driving or drowning your business and would you not want to know how to get such a key element of your business fixed?

First of all, hire a quality web designer that understands that conversion rate is greater than visitor rates. A skilled web designer would know how to make your website appealing and informative to your visitors.

Antier Solutions, a web design company in Mohali, guarantees that your web site will be designed with utmost care for Bounce rate conversions.

Read the following reasons to know how-

1. Diminishes the loading time and improves: A delayed impression is never a good impression, and if your website is taking time to load, it is frustrating the user. Sometimes, users do not even wait that long, and move on to a better website that loads faster. But those who bear the torture of circling dots on the blank screen need to be impressed with a great design. It must aesthetically appeal to your visitors and and encourage them to stay. Here, colour psychology and user interface come into play.

– Banner ads
– Auto music play
– Auto video play
– Dated looking website
– Flashy gifs
– Immature fonts

2. Avoiding pop-ups: Do not hamper the user experience that is going to drive the sales. A web design company takes care that the website is not prone to pop up advertisements. Even, though it is a great revenue generator it offers short-term benefits. Long-term revenues come when your web design company is able to convert your visitors into consumers.

3. Strengthening Information Architecture: The basic Architecture of a website aids a user in traveling from one page to another in search for information. If that is weak, you lose visitors gradually. This is a part of the designing process that a company must keep in mind. The web design company, best in Chandigarh, design simple navigators for a user to avoid confusion.

4. Superfluous Content: If what the user asked for is not on your website because you lured them, then you only push the bounce rate higher. Your content should answer a user’s query and direct them furtively to similar content on your website to prolong their stay. Not just this, your content must be of quality.

– Easy to digest
– It should not be limited to articles and blogs
– Accessible and legible

5. Convincing Call-To-Action: A great web design company knows that users are great being compelled if you do it right. If your call to action is not clear to users, they will exit your website without even doing what you wanted them to do- buy or at least think about buying your services. A web design company in Chandigarh uses different techniques that calls the user to take action.
– Placing product links
– Offering free trial periods, etc

Your bounce rates are like a golf score, the lower the better.