7 Reasons to embrace AngularJS for building a responsive web app

Released in 2010, AngularJS has become extremely popular in these 8 years, owing to its versatility and ease of use. It reduces the effort to write a complicated code, allowing programmers to build feature-rich applications. The AngularJS platform is accepted worldwide and many business leaders are choosing this platform, and a reliable AngularJS web development company, to get their web applications built.

Here are 7 impressive reasons to embrace AngularJS if you are looking to build a responsive web application.

Secure applications

A new update in technology often results in people having a big concern about security and protection. AngularJS has put an end to this concern as the framework focuses on data presentation rather than data processing. The communication with the server is done through secure HTTP calls and restful APIs as well as web services help in communication. An ideal security procedure is followed by an AnguarlJS web development company to enhance the security of AngularJS applications.

Requires less efforts

Developing a responsive web application using AngularJS is a quick and easy process, which is one of the biggest reasons why this framework is popular among most developers. The need to write a lengthy MVC pipeline is eliminated. AngularJS uses HTML to build the view with some attributes added to HTML code. A very less amount of code is required to write data to server and to bind data using AngularJS Development Services. The framework empowers developers to build small, highly-interactive and simple apps quickly, without requiring much efforts.

Manageable access

The main concern of a business is its infrastructure security. When a business improves its application to accommodate AngularJS, the biggest worry is the access granted and the restrictions that are necessary at each level. AngularJS provides the flexibility to integrate domain system and application login with the security flow.

Fast development

The MVC architecture followed by AngularJS helps in quick initiation and deployment of a project. Moreover, it allows faster testing and easy maintenance facilities.

Enhanced testability

AngularJS allows professionals working in an AngularJS web development company to build error-free websites as testing is pretty easy and simple to perform. The testing provides clear idea about the areas with a scope of improvement, allowing easy debugging at the time of development. Use of AngularJS leads to the need to upgrade and fix issues at certain time intervals.

Provides modularity

Modularity is one of the most important parts of AngularJS framework. It allows the developers to build multiple modules for a single web application. Each module is dependent on the other and all can be combined together to run the entire application. The framework automatically identifies the need to add an additional module.

Easy to maintain applications

AngularJS helps in developing easy to maintain applications, which are easy to update at the same time. Businesses are relying on this framework to build responsive web apps because once the app is installed, you are ready to roll. You only need to pay attention when there is a need to debug some issue or update something. Since it makes use of object oriented design at the client side, website maintenance becomes easy.

All these beneficial facts of AngularJS explain why this framework is worth embracing to develop a responsive web application, especially a single page application that is widely used by businesses to gain potential customers.

If you have decided to use AngularJS to build your next responsive web app, partner with an experienced AngularJS web development company that has a team of skilled developers with the capability to understand your needs and deliver you the right solutions to provide you with a highly-interactive, scalable and robust web application that takes your business to the next level.