5 questions to ask for creating a great website

The first thing that people see about your brand is probably your website, so it has to be a great one. If you are a startup or an enterprise planning to build your website, and you hire a website development company in UK for your venture, make sure that the company considers these questions while planning the design and development process.

How will you bring people to your website?

To be specific, what marketing techniques will you be employing to attract your intended users? Will it be search engine optimization? Social media marketing? Pay-per-click advertising? Press release?
To choose the right option, you can determine which technique suits your needs the best, and also find out which technique has the lowest cost-per-acquisition, which means how much you need to spend to get a customer.

Who will be the people coming to your site?

Your website needs to help your visitors to find what they are looking for. A visitor needs to know what to do next within a few seconds of coming to your website. Do they need to click a link to know more about you, your services or products? Do they have to sign up to proceed? Once your website development company in UK knows what type of visitors will come to your website and what they need to do after coming there, the company can then plan its work efficiently.
Do not try to please everyone. Keep your website clean and easy to navigate. Emphasize on key features that will benefit majority of your visitors.

What questions will your visitors have?

Your visitors may have various questions in mind when they come to your website, such as
how long have you been in business? How are your products or services better than others? How can I know more about your company or services? How can you be contacted?
Try to answer your visitors’ questions before they are asked. For example, if someone comes to your website to purchase a product that you are known for, make sure that the product is easy to locate so that your visitors can rest assured that they are at the right place. Make the product details easily accessible to them. Go for short and clear messages.

What do you want your visitors to do?

Should your visitors sign up for something? Purchase your product online? Subscribe for newsletter? Send you an E-mail? Answers to these questions will help your website development company in UK to guide your traffic to the right place.
If you are offering a service, let your visitors know what benefits they can get from your services. If you are selling a product, convince your visitors to purchase it and make the buying process easy for them. Be concise and clear.

How will your visitors stay in touch?

Not every individual coming to your website will become your customer. In fact, the average conversion rate is 1 percent, which means only 1 out of 100 people coming to your website will contact you or buy your products.
It is important to engage your visitors as most of them would not convert in the very first visit. Keep them coming back to your website by catering the domain that reaches them the best. If your intended users are active on social media, leverage the social media platforms to engage with your target audience and convince them to return to your website.

Asking these questions can help a website development company in UK, or anywhere across the globe, to create the right website that meets your business objectives and takes your business to the next level.