Different frameworks for different business needs

AngularJS Craft rich single-page applications

AngularJS is an open-source framework that is used for mobile application development, web application development and to overcome the challenges in the development of single-page apps. Applications developed using this framework have a user-friendly interface that drives users and helps in increasing business prospects

As a leading AnjularJS development company, we offer top-notch AngularJS development services including AngularJS web app development and AngularJS mobile app development. Our experienced developers specialise in developing simple, scalable and cross-platform compatible applications that help businesses to reap the maximum benefits of their web and mobile presence.

Node.js Build fast, scalable and real-time applications

The growing demand of low end web applications has led to the increase in need for Node.js. It is an open-source platform build on Chrome’s Javascript runtime to seamlessly build fast, scalable and real-time web and mobile applications.

We deliver a complete range of node js development services, including node js mobile app development and web app development. Our developers have the knowledge and experience of providing the best Node.js solutions that take your business to new heights.

Laravel Create modern and attractive web apps

Since the release of Laravel in 2011, it has evolved as one of the leading open source PHP frameworks. This technology has been leveraged by a Laravel service provider to build high-quality websites and web applications with less complexity, a lesser cost and more features for a web application.

As a Laravel application development company, we develop high-quality, interactive websites and applications that align with your business goals. Be it an e-commerce website or an enterprise application, our team has the experience and expertise to create a product that you are proud to offer to your target audience.

Core PHP Simplify Your Website

When you are a startup, you need a website that is economical, dependable and comes in easy programming language. In addition, it can be hooked to many different databases. You need a Core PHP website!

At Antier, we use Core PHP development services to create user-friendly and vibrant websites. We realise every customers' concerns and suggest them the best option without compromising on their growing needs in the long run.

CodeIgniter Improve Your Website's Performance

CodeIgniter is a powerful and fast PHP framework that is guaranteed to improve website performance through full feature apps. This MVC-based framework saves a lot on time while executing rapid application development.

Antier assists businesses with an agile and open PHP framework which suits small as well as medium applications and that too with quick iterations. Needless to say, being powered by PHP it is also easy on pocket.

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