3 tips on getting the first customers for your startup

When pitching a new business idea, focus on the No’s more rather than the Yes’s. If majority people say No to your business idea, you know you have to tweak the concept. On the other hand, if majority people nod their head Yes, consider their Yes’s to be neutral.

Principles of a good User Interface Design

A good user interface is easy to use, and offers high conversion rates. Web applications and websites with a good UI are mostly successful, owing to their capability to attract and retain more users.

How to get funding for your startup?

Entrepreneurs have great ideas and ways to implement them, but hard cash is needed to get an idea off the ground. Earlier, gathering this cash required hours of traipsing business plans to different investors, but today, support for small business startups has become much stronger.

Grow your business: Keep your existing customers coming back

Many entrepreneurs are so focused on attracting new customers that they overlook the need to retain the customers they currently have. Existing customers can have significant effect on a business’s bottom line and thus the need to retain them is inevitable.

Finding the right developer for your product

Building a software product or a website requires the right developer. He should be someone who apart from understanding your product and needs can utilize his knowledge and expertise to accomplish your desired goals.

Choosing the right software platform for your product

One of the primary decisions associated with product development is choosing the right software platform. Unfortunately, many startups are new to this venture and end up zeroing in on to a wrong platform. If you are a startup, read on to know how you can choose an appropriate platform for your product.

Microsoft to buy Linkedin for $26.2B in cash: Gaining an insight into some facts

Microsoft is acquiring Linkedin, the largest social network for professionals for $26.2 billion in cash. The acquisition will help Microsoft to build more services for enterprises, and provide a way to compete against the likes of Salesforce. The wider social network of Linkedin will serve as a sales channel for Microsoft to sell more products, … Continue reading Microsoft to buy Linkedin for $26.2B in cash: Gaining an insight into some facts