About Us

Mantra of Success


Synchronising different technologies for better innovations.

Backed by our vast experience and a diverse talent pool, we constantly strive to bring together different technologies and collaborate them to create unparalleled IT solutions. We are proud to have followed our dreams agressively as they lead us closer to acheiving our vision.


• To keep abreast with the latest technological and transformational techniques in the field of information technology to fulfil even the most advanced requisites put forth by our clients pass our knowledge and wisdom on to our clients.

• To toil relentlessly, unstoppably and with the determination to give our very best to every project we deliver, making them a unique signature piece reflecting our values.


Our innate values of ethical conduct, honesty, integrity and respect stand strong and motivate, guide and inspire us to never waver from the vision that we set on to achieve.

We are proud to abide by them in all aspects of business, and ensure that it reflects in our relationship with our clients and even more so in the products we deliver.

Who We Are

Antier Solutions Private Limited is a Mohali-based IT organisation that has been delivering integrated business intelligence software solutions for the past one decade. Our dedicated teams are cultured to deliver world-class quality solutions by ensuring highest standards of customer satisfaction and loyalty. We have helped our clients achieve successful online presence, streamline their sales and in-house operations, and create brand identities that have stood the test of time.

Antier has expertise in various technologies like Microsoft ASP.NET, Open Source Cake PHP. iOS and Android development. The company has garnered reputation as a reliable IT Partner able to understand its customer’s wants and needs. Our dedicated account managers have both the experience and the spark to understand our client’s vision irrespective of the limitations of culture, work norms, time zones or geographical distance, the testimony to which is the fact that over 80 per cent of Antier's total business is obtained from overseas.

With a whole line of innovative products lined to be released in the market in coming times, our principal aim remains to establish our organisation as a trusted name behind some of the most notable apps and designs in the mobile and software product market.

Our guiding philosophy is our undying belief in our values of Kindness, Service, Candour, Integrity, Growth and continually increasing competence and for these values to reflect in our relationship with our stakeholders.

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